Chairman Prof. C.F. Lee
  Vice Chairman Prof. C.K. Mak
  Executive Director

Ir Prof. W. Pan

  Associate Director Ir Prof. Sam Y.S. Chan
  Founding Director

Ir Prof. M.M. Kumaraswamy

  Honorary Advisors Sr K.K. Chan
Ir Prof. Thomas S.T. Ng
Ir James Blake
Ir T.C. Chew
Ir Dr. the Hon. W.K. Lo
  Industry Members Ir Prof. C.K. Mak
Ir T.C. Chew
Ir Martin K.K. Cheung
Prof. Ada Y.S. Fung
Ir P.K.K. Lee
Ir Prof. Conrad T.C. Wong
  Industry Members
Dr. Andrew Chan
Ir Dr. Patrick Chan
Ir Prof. Sam Y.S. Chan
Ir Francis Kung
Mrs. Marigold Lau
Ir Prof. Gary K.L. Soo
Ir K.L. Tam
Ir Eva Kong
Ir Henry Liu
Mr. James H.W. Lee
Ir Sidney P.K. Tong
Ir Lap-man Chow
Ar Sylvia Lam
  HKU - Civil Engineering Ir Prof. Albert K.H. Kwan
Ir Prof. S.C. Wong
Ir Prof. W. Pan
Dr. R.K.L. Su
  HKU - Other Departments Prof. George Q. Huang
Ir Prof. Steve Rowlinson
  Research Manager Dr. Mi Pan
  Operations Manager Dr. Ken Z. Zhang


The strategic research focuses are championed by the three corresponding Task Forces namely (i) Low Carbon; (ii) Project Delivery; and (iii) Construction Informatics, each being co-chaired by an academic (or an Associate Director of the CICID) and an expert in the field. Members of the Task Forces are from the CICID and invited experts from the industry and academic institutions, with nominations made by the Chairpersons of the Task Forces and endorsed by the Executive Director of the Centre. The Chairpersons of the Task Force convene regular meetings to identify relevant research directions and review the research progress according to the research focuses. A report is prepared by the Task Forces for endorsement by the Management Committee.

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