Honorary Professor (Special Advisor)


Ir Peter K. K. LEE


MSc, the University of Surrey, U.K.

FHKIE, FICE, FIStructE, RPE (Civil & Structural), AP, RSE
Class 1 Registered Structural Engineer (PRC), PEng


Office:      HW 6-09

Phone:     +852 28591979

Fax:         +852 25595337

E-mail:     hreclkk@hku.hk


Teaching Activities

Research Interests

Representative Research / Consultancy Projects

Representative Publications

  1. Yeung, A.T., Tham, L.G., Lee, P.K.K., Mok, K.Y., and Pei, G. (2007). "Use of inert C&D materials for seawall foundation: Quality control measures." Waste Management, 27(6), 768-777.
  2. Ng, A.M.Y., Yeung, A.T., Lee, P.K.K., and Tham, L.G. (2006). "Design, fabrication, and assembly of a large oedometer." Geotechnical Testing Journal, ASTM, 29(4), 298-305.
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  5. Yeung, A.T., Mok, K.Y., Tham, L.G., Lee, P.K.K., and Pei, G. (). "Use of inert C&D materials for seawall foundation: A field-scale pilot test." Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 47(4), 375-393.
  6. Ugwu, O.O., Kumaraswamy, M.M., Ng, T.S.T., and Lee, P.K.K. (2006). Information and Communication Technology Applications in Construction. HKU CICID, Hong Kong.
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  9. Chen, S., Yue, Q.Z.Q., Tham, L.G., and Lee, P.K.K. (2004). "Modeling of the indirect tensile test for inhomogeneous granite using a digital image-based numerical method." International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences, 41(3), 447.
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