Professor (Construction Engineering and Management)


Professor S. Thomas NG


BSc (Hons), the University of Greenwich, U.K.

MSc, the University of Salford, U.K.

PhD, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, U.K.



Office:      HW 6-05

Phone:     +852 28578556

Fax:         +852 25595337




Teaching Activities


Research Interests


Representative Research / Consultancy Projects


Representative Publications

  1. Ng, S.T., Skitmore, R.M., and Wong, K.F. (2007). "Using genetic algorithms and linear regression analysis for private housing demand forecast." Building and Environment, in press.
  2. Ng, S.T., Xie, J., Skitmore, R.M., and Cheung, Y.K. (2007). "A fuzzy simulation model for evaluating the concession items of public-private partnerships schemes." Automation in Construction, (in press).
  3. Luu, D.T., Ng, S.T., Chen, S.E., and Jefferies, M. (2006). "Strategy for evaluating a fuzzy case-based construction procurement selection system." Advances in Engineering Software, 37(3), 159-171.
  4. Ng, S.T., and Li, W. (2006). "A parallel bargaining protocol for automated sourcing of construction suppliers." Automation in Construction, 15(3), 365-373.
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  7. Zheng, D.X.M., and Ng, S.T. (2005). "Stochastic time-cost optimization model incorporating fuzzy sets theory and nonreplaceable front." Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE, 131(2), 176-186.
  8. Zheng, D.X.M., Ng, S.T., and Kumaraswamy, M.M. (2004). "Applying a genetic algorithm-based multiobjective approach for time-cost optimization." Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE, 130(2), 168-176.
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