Staff Expertise
Structural Engineering
 Earthquake engineering;  Tall buildings;  Bridge engineering;
 Computational mechanics;  Finite element and finite strip analysis;
 concrete technology;  Reinforced concrete structures;
 Soil-structure interaction;  Computer-aided design/analysis;
 Steel structures and fire resistance of metal structures;
 Rehabilitation of civil infrastructure with fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites.
Geotechnical Engineering
 Soil and rock mechanics;  In-situ and laboratory testing;  Soft soil engineering;
 Pile foundations;  Slope engineering;  Landslip prevention;
 Soil dynamics;  pavements;  Tunnelling;
 Undergrounds excavation;  Foundation;  Grouting in soil;
 Landslide investigation;  GIS applications to natural terrain hazards;
 Numerical analysis in geo-mechanics
Water and Environmental Engineering
 Hydrology;  Environmental hydraulics/fluid mechanics;
 Water quality modelling;  Coagulation and sedimentation dynamics;
 Wind engineering;  Advanced water and wastewater treatment;
 Environmental biotechnology;  Solid and hazardous waste management;
 Material resource recovery;  Environmental impact assessment
Construction Engineering and Management
 Innovative procurement systems;  Public-private partnerships;
 Contractor management;  Claims and dispute management;
 Construction productivity;  Supply chain management;
 Risk management;  ICT for construction project management;
 Quality management;  Sustainable construction;
 Technology transfers;  Industry development;
 Life cycle infrastructure asset management;
Transportation Engineering
 Transport demand modelling;  Continuum modelling in transport;
 Theory of traffic flow;  Traffic management and control;
 Traffic signals;  Network equilibrium problems;
 Dynamic network modelling;  Transportation systems engineering;
 Road safety