Staff Expertise
Structural Engineering
 Earthquake engineering;  Tall buildings;  Bridge engineering;
 Computational mechanics;  Finite element and finite strip analysis;
 concrete technology;  Reinforced concrete structures;
 Soil-structure interaction;  Computer-aided design/analysis;
 Steel structures and fire resistance of metal structures;
 Rehabilitation of civil infrastructure with fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites.
Members of the Group  
Name Title Email Address
Au, Francis Tat Kwong Professor
Kwan, Albert Kwok Hung Professor
Lo, Sai Huen Professor
Young, Ben Professor
Su, Kai Leung Associate Professor
Deng, Xiaowei Assistant Professor
Ye, Hailong Assistant Professor
Law, Kwan Ho Lecturer
Geotechnical Engineering
 Soil and rock mechanics;  In-situ and laboratory testing;  Soft soil engineering;
 Pile foundations;  Slope engineering;  Landslip prevention;
 Soil dynamics;  pavements;  Tunnelling;
 Undergrounds excavation;  Foundation;  Grouting in soil;
 Landslide investigation;  GIS applications to natural terrain hazards;
 Numerical analysis in geo-mechanics
Members of the Group  
Name Title Email Address
Yue, Quentin Zhong Qi Professor
Yang, Jun Associate Professor
Yeung, Albert Tak Chung Associate Professor
Choo, Jinhyun Assistant Professor
Kwok, Chung Yee Assistant Professor
Nunes Lourenco, Sergio Duarte Assistant Professor
Water and Environmental Engineering
 Hydrology;  Environmental hydraulics/fluid mechanics;
 Water quality modelling;  Coagulation and sedimentation dynamics;
 Wind engineering;  Advanced water and wastewater treatment;
 Environmental biotechnology;  Solid and hazardous waste management;
 Material resource recovery;  Environmental impact assessment
Members of the Group  
Name Title Email Address
Li, Xiaoyan Professor
Shih, Kaimin Professor
Tang, Chuyang Professor
Zhang, Tong Professor
Chen, Ji Associate Professor
Chui, Ting Fong May Associate Professor
Construction Engineering and Management
 Innovative procurement systems;  Public-private partnerships;
 Contractor management;  Claims and dispute management;
 Construction productivity;  Supply chain management;
 Risk management;  ICT for construction project management;
 Quality management;  Sustainable construction;
 Technology transfers;  Industry development;
 Life cycle infrastructure asset management;
Members of the Group  
Name Title Email Address
Ng, Thomas Shiu Tong Professor
Pan, Wei Associate Professor
Lee, Sang Hoon Assistant Professor
Transportation Engineering
 Transport demand modelling;  Continuum modelling in transport;
 Theory of traffic flow;  Traffic management and control;
 Traffic signals;  Network equilibrium problems;
 Dynamic network modelling;  Transportation systems engineering;
 Road safety
Members of the Group  
Name Title Email Address
Wong, Sze Chun Chair Professor
Szeto, Wai Yuen Associate Professor