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BEng in Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering is a blend of several disciplines including structural engineering; geotechnical engineering; environmental engineering; construction engineering and management; and transportation engineering. Hong Kong has enjoyed tremendous growth in the past few decades. Such phenomenal growth has been made possible through the success of infrastructure projects, which have a strong demand for high calibre civil engineering graduates. Civil engineering has been the major part of a general engineering curriculum since the establishment of The University of Hong Kong. The programme is fully accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. Subject to the approval of the Head of Department of Civil Engineering, students may opt to Minor in Business, Economics or Finance.
Career Prospects
Our comprehensive and versatile undergraduate programme offers students an excellent opportunity to develop a career in civil engineering. The solid training provided gives students an excellent preparation for the increasing and changing demands of society. Most of our past graduates have entered various public or private sector bodies as trainee engineers upon graduation. Employers have included various government departments (e.g. Architectural Services Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Drainage Services Department, Environmental Protection Department, Geotechnical Engineering Office, Highways Department, Housing Department, Transport Department, Water Supplies Department, etc); the MTRC; the KCRC; developers; and numerous private consulting and construction firms. Our graduates have normally been able to become qualified/chartered engineers within a few years. A number of them have excelled in their chosen careers and are presently occupying top-level positions in both the public and private sectors.

As our curriculum, especially those who opt to Minor in Business, Economics or Finance, has encompassed subjects such as management and communication, our students have been able to diversify their choice of careers. Some have opted for fields other than solely engineering, and have pursued highly successful careers in business, administration and management.
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Other Information
Other information on student services, halls and student residence, etc. can be found in the Undergraduate Prospectus, available online at: or from the Academic Services Enquiry Office, Room 05, Upper Ground Floor, Knowles Building, Pokfulam Road, The University of Hong Kong, Tel: (852) 2859 2433.
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