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Teaching and Learning
Undergraduate Programmes
In line with the changing roles of civil engineers, the undergraduate programmes are now becoming more versatile. Besides the main stream civil engineering programmes, the Department also offers a minor in Business, Finance or Economics for students of the civil engineering programmes. A double degree in BEng in Civil Engineering or BEng in Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is also available. All courses are fully accredited by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. At HKU, we emphasise on creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and our Department will continue with the fine tradition of nurturing the next generation of leaders in the civil engineering profession through our undergraduate programmes.
Postgraduate Programmes
The Department offers world class research and taught postgraduate programmes for part-time/full-time study. The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) research degrees are supervised by leading researchers in the field of Civil Engineering. The taught Master of Science in Engineering (MSc(Eng)) programmes provides advanced education in various fields to cater for the increasing demand for further specialisation in Civil Engineering. The MSc(Eng) programmes include:
  Environmental Engineering
  Geotechnical Engineering
  Infrastructure Project Management
  Structural Engineering
  Transportation Engineering
Continuing Education Fund (CEF)
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