Prof A.K.H. Kwan

Professor (Structural Engineering)

Ir Professor Albert K. H. KWAN

BSc (Eng), The University of Hong Kong, China
PhD, The University of Hong Kong, China

FHKIE, MICE, RPE (Civil), CEng

Office: HW 6-04
Phone: +852 28592647
Fax: +852 25595337


Teaching Activities

  •   CIVL1002 Construction Materials
  •   CIVL1010 Theory and Design of Structures I
  •   CIVL6013 Concrete Technology
  •   CIVL6045 Tall Building Structures


Research Interests

  •   Reinforced concrete structures
  •   Tall building structures
  •   Concrete technology
  •   High-strengh concrete
  •   High-performance concrete
  •   Particle packing and interaction in a concrete mix


Representative Research / Consultancy Projects

  •   Finite element analysis of reinforced concrete structures
  •   Ductility of high-strength concrete structures
  •   Optimum mix design for high-performance concrete
  •   Shock vibration resistance and traffic vibration resistance of concrete
  •   Particle packing in cement paste and mortar
  •   Rheology of cement paste, mortar and concrete


Representative Publications

  • Kwan, A.K.H. (2006). Concrete Code Handbook - An Explanatory Handbook to the Code of Practice for Structural Use of Concrete 2004. Structural Division, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Hong Kong.
  • Kwan, A.K.H. (2004). "Dip and strike angles method for yield line analysis of reinforced concrete slabs." Magazine of Concrete Research, 56(8), 487-498.
  • Kwan, A.K.H., Au, F.T.K., and Chau, S.L. (2004). "Effects of confinement on flexural strength and ductility design of HS concrete beams." Structural Engineer, 84(23/24), Special Issue: Concrete, 38-44.
  • Ho, J.C.M., Au, F.T.K., and Kwan, A.K.H. (2005). "Effects of strain hardening of steel reinforcement on flexural strength and ductility of concrete beams." Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 19(2), 185-198.
  • Au, F.T.K., Bai, B.Z.Z., and Kwan, A.K.H. (2005). "Complete moment-curvature relationship of reinforced normal- and high-strength concrete beams experiencing complex load history." Computers and Concrete, 2(4), 309-324
  • Kwan, A.K.H., Zheng, W., and Ng, I.Y.T. (2005). "Effects of shock vibration on concrete." ACI Materials Journal, 102(6), 405-413
  • Kwan, A.K.H., and Ng, P.L. (2006). "Reducing damage to concrete stitches in bridge decks." Proceedings, Institution of Civil Engineers, Bridge Engineering, 159(2), 53-62.
  • Kwan, A.K.H., Chau, S.L., and Au, F.T.K. (2006). "Design of high-strength concrete beams subjected to small axial loads." Magazine of Concrete Research, 58(6), 333-341.
  • Ng, I.Y.T., Wong, H.H.C., and Kwan, A.K.H. (2006). "Passing ability and segregation stability of self-consolidating concrete with different aggregate proportions." Magazine of Concrete Research, 58(7), 447-457.
  • Kwan, A.K.H., Chau, S.L., and Au, F.T.K. (2006). "Improving flexural ductility of high-strength concrete beams." Proceedings, Institution of Civil Engineers, Structures and Buildings, 159(SB6), 339-347.



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