The Centre for Innovation in Construction & Infrastructure Development (CICID), which is in the Department of Civil Engineering of The University of Hong Kong, was established in November 2002. The aims include fostering continuous improvements, while targeting excellence in the construction industry in general and infrastructure development in particular, through the development of innovative strategies and techniques. The objectives include (a) developing an internationally recognised 'Centre of Excellence' for research, discourse and dissemination of innovations in infrastructure and construction engineering & management, and construction industry development methodologies; and (b) encouraging and supporting interdisciplinary research into planning, implementing and evaluating construction projects including mega/ multi-project infrastructure programmes.


The Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development (CICID) at The University of Hong Kong strives to achieve excellence and innovation in construction and infrastructure research with a desire to contributing to the advancement of the practice and improvement of performance of the construction and infrastructure sector in Hong Kong and around the world.


The CICID will endeavour to:
  • Develop forward looking research agenda to propel innovation and best practices;
  • Establish a conducive environment to support interdisciplinary basic and applied research;
  • Collaborate with the industry to develop novel and meaningful research outcomes;
  • Fortify better research collaboration between various research institutions;
  • Transfer the knowledge and research outcomes to the industry and other stakeholders.

The Brochure of CICID is available for download here.
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