Prof F.T.K. Au

Professor (Structural Engineering)
Ir Professor Francis T. K. AU

BSc(Eng)(First Class Honours), The University of Hong Kong, China
MSc(Eng) (Distinction), The University of Hong Kong, China
PhD, The University of Hong Kong, China


FICE, FIStructE, FHKIE, CEng, RPE (Civil & Structural)
Qualification of Class 1 Registered Structural Engineer (PRC)


Office: HW 6-27
Phone: +852 2859 2650
Fax: +852 2559 5337


Teaching Activities
  • CIVL2105 Theory and Design of Structures I
  • CIVL3112 Prestressed Concrete Structures
  • CIVL4101 Capstone Design Project
  • CIVL4102 Project
  • CIVL6008 Bridge Engineering
  • CIVL7009 Dissertation


Research Interests
  • Bridge structures
  • Vehicle-bridge interaction
  • Concrete structures
  • Structural fire engineering
  • Reverse problems


Representative Research / Consultancy Projects
  • Ductility and deformability of high-strength concrete beams partially prestressed with conventional and non-conventional unbonded tendons
  • Establishment of Bridge Rating Systems for Ting Kau Bridge and Kap Shui Mun Bridge
  • Performance of in-situ concrete stitches in precast segmental bridge construction
  • Structural health monitoring of cable-stayed bridges taking into account time-dependent deformations
  • Full-range behaviour of concrete bridges with corrugated steel webs and external prestressing
  • Performance-based design of post-tensioned high-strength concrete flat slabs under fire


10 Selected Representative Publications
  • Au, F.T.K. and Si, X.T. (2011). "Accurate time-dependent analysis of concrete bridges considering concrete creep, concrete shrinkage and cable relaxation." Engineering Structures, 33(1), 118-126.
  • Au, F.T.K., Su, R.K.L., Tso, K. and Chan, K.H.E. (2008). "Behaviour of partially prestressed beams with external tendons." Magazine of Concrete Research, 60(6), 455-467.
  • Du, J.S., Au, F.T.K., Cheung, Y.K. and Kwan, A.K.H. (2008). "Ductility analysis of prestressed concrete beams with unbonded tendons." Engineering Structures, 30(1), 13-21.
  • Au, F.T.K. and Bai, Z.Z. (2007). "Two-dimensional nonlinear finite element analysis of monotonically and non-reversed cyclically loaded RC beams. " Engineering Structures, 29(11), 2921-2934.
  • Jiang, R.J., Au, F.T.K., and Cheung, Y.K. (2004). "Identification of vehicles moving on continuous bridges with rough surface." Journal of Sound and Vibration, 274(3-5), 1045-1063.
  • Au, F.T.K., and Du, J.S. (2004). "Prediction of ultimate stress in unbonded prestressed tendons." Magazine of Concrete Research, 56(1), 1-11.
  • Au, F.T.K., Cheng, Y.S., Tham, L.G. and Bai, Z.Z. (2003). "Structural damage detection based on a micro genetic algorithm using incomplete and noisy modal test data." Journal of Sound and Vibration , 259(5), 1081-1094.
  • Au, F.T.K., Wang, J.J., and Cheung, Y.K. (2002). "Impact study of cable-stayed railway bridges with random rail irregularities." Engineering Structures, 24(5), 529-541.
  • Cheng, Y.S., Au, F.T.K., and Cheung, Y.K. (2001). "Vibration of railway bridges under a moving train by using bridge-track-vehicle element." Engineering Structures, 23(12), 1597-1606.
  • Cheung, Y.K., Au, F.T.K., Zheng, D.Y., and Cheng, Y.S. (1999). "Vibration of multi-span non-uniform bridges under moving vehicles and trains by using modified beam vibration functions." Journal of Sound and Vibration, 228(3), 611-628.


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