Hong Kong is major international transport hub served by more than 80 airlines and numerous cruise lines, and by ferries and trains from Mainland China.
Getting to and from Hong Kong International Airport is easy, convenient and relatively inexpensive.

The Mass Transit Railway's (MTR) high-speed Airport Express takes approximately 24 minutes to Hong Kong Island and is the fastest transport link to the airport. Airport Express passengers can take a free shuttle bus from Kowloon and Hong Kong stations to major hotels. Both these stations provide free in-town check-in services for major airlines. Please contact your airline for further information.

Taxis are readily available from the taxi pick-up area in front of the Arrivals Hall. Take a red taxi unless travelling only to Lantau (blue) or the New Territories (green). All taxis can go to and from the airport. Fares are metered and details of fares and extra charges are clearly displayed inside each cab.

There are 11 convenient Airbus “A” routes that can take you to key locations on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories including Lantau Island with fewer stops than an ordinary city bus. When you exit the Arrivals Hall, turn right for Airbuses and city buses.

(Information provided by HKTB )