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Teacher Accommodation of Daping Primary School - 大平小學 教職員宿舍


In April 2015, Project Mingde received a request from the Daping Primary School of the Daping Village of Guangxi Province to carry out a feasibility study on the needs of the School in improving the learning and teaching environment; and to propose an action plan for subsequent phases of the project.

The School has 9 teachers and 230 students of Year 1 to Year 3. There are three major buildings, namely the Teaching Block, the Dormitory and the Canteen. There is a basketball court between the buildings and an old kitchen which is now serving as storage. As both the teachers and students are from nearby villages which could be a few kilometers away, there is a strong demand for accommodation. They had to walk through the steps, bumpy and unpaved roads to reach the School. Currently, due to lack of accommodation, the teachers have to utilize the top floor of the Dormitory as their living space during teaching weeks. In addition, over 30 students have been denied accommodation as the School can only provide accommodation for 80 students with 2 students sharing a 1.2 m x 1.7 m bed, which is well below the national standard. 1 classroom in the Teaching Block is used as rooms for the boys’ dormitory. There is also inadequate provision of toilets and hot water showers for the students as the boys have to share a public toilet outside their dormitory. Furthermore, some of the classrooms have converted into storage room for teaching materials.

It is apparent that the School urgently needs (1) an extra building to meet the demand; (2) the upgrade of the facilities and (3) the rationalization of the usage of the space.

A new building with at least 9 bedrooms for the teachers will allow the current Dormitory to be solely used to accommodate students with an increase in capacity from 80 to over 100. Having the boys moved back to the Dormitory, the classrooms can be converted into a multi-purpose room for teaching purposes.

In this project, Project Mingde collaborates with the students from Guangxi University to carry out the structural design of the building, as well as prepare the cost estimation, budget and tender documents. The construction will commence in July 2016 and it is expected to be completed in September 2016. The collaboration is supported by 10000 Scheme of the Ministry of Education, and the construction cost is donated by JWDA, an architectural firm in Shanghai.


Summary of the project:

  • Donor



  • Sponsor
    (for travelling and lodging expenses
    of the project team)

Chun Wo Charitable Foundation

HKU-China 1000 Exchange Programme (Collaborated with Guangxi University)

Lee Hysan Foundation

  • Building

A three-storey teacher dormitory with 10 flats

  • Size of project
: 88 m2
  • Construction cost
: RMB 0.7 million
  • Start date of construction
: October 2016
  • End date of construction
: July 2017

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