Prof S.C. Wong

Francis S Y Bong Professor in Engineering

Professor, Chair of Transportation Engineering

Ir Professor S.C. WONG, BBS, JP

BSc(Eng), The University of Hong Kong, China
MPhil, The University of Hong Kong, China
PhD, University College London, U.K.


Office: HW 6-26
Phone: +852 28591964
Fax: +852 25595337


Teaching Activities

  •   CIVL2111 Transportation Engineering
  •   CIVL3119 Traffic Engineering
  •   CIVL6046 Theory of Traffic Flow
  •   CIVL6047 Traffic Management and Control


Research Interests

  •   Traffic signals
  •   Continuum modeling for traffic
  •   Equilibrium problems
  •   Theory of traffic flow
  •   Highway capacity
  •   Dynamic network modeling
  •   Land-use and transportation problem
  •   Urban taxi service
  •   Road safety


Representative Research / Consultancy Projects

  •   Enhancement of the trip matrix estimation procedure in the CTS-3 Model
  •   Review of overseas practices on the formulation of road safety strategy and the effectiveness and
          the applicability in Hong Kong
  •   First and second parking demand Study
  •   Review of the Annual Traffic Census
  •   Hong Kong Island North and Kowloon West Traffic Study


Representative Publications

  • Wong, S.C., and Yang, H. (1997). "Reserve capacity of a signal-controlled road network." Transportation Research Part B, 31, 397-402.
  • Wong, S.C., (1998). "Multi-commodity traffic assignment by continuum approximation of network flow with variable demand." Transportation Research Part B, 32, 567-581.
  • Yang, H., and Wong, S.C. (1998). "A network model of urban taxi services." Transportation Research Part B, 32, 235-246.
  • Tong, C.O., and Wong, S.C. (1999). "A stochastic transit assignment model using a dynamic schedule-based network." Transportation Research Part B, 33, 107-121.
  • Wong, C.K., and Wong, S.C. (2003). "Lane-based optimization of signal timings for isolated junctions." Transportation Research Part B, 37, 63-84.
  • Sze, N.N., and Wong, S.C. (2007). "Diagnostic analysis of the logistic model for pedestrian injury severity in traffic crashes." Accident Analysis and Prevention, 39, 1267-1278
  • Huang, L., Wong, S.C., Zhang, M., Shu, C.W., and Lam, W.H.K. (2009). "'Revisiting Hughes' dynamic continuum model for pedestrian flow and the development of an efficient solution algorithm." Transportation Research Part B, 43, 127-141.
  • Jiang, Y.Q., Wong, S.C., Ho, H.W., Zhang, P., Liu, R.X., and Sumalee A. (2011). "A dynamic traffic assignment model for a continuum transportation system. " Transportation Research Part B, 45, 343-363.
  • Du, J., Wong, S.C., Shu, C.W., Xiong, T., Zhang, M., and Choi, K. (2013). "Revisiting Jiang's dynamic continuum model for urban cities." Transportation Research Part B, 56, 96-119.
  • Wong, W., and Wong, S.C. (2015). "Systematic bias in transport model calibration arising from the variability of linear data projection. " Transportation Research Part B, 75, 1-18.



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