History of this Conference Series:
Seven ICSAS Conferences have been successfully held in Cardiff, UK (1987), Singapore (1991), Istanbul, Turkey (1995), Helsinki, Finland (1999), Sydney, Australia (2003), Oxford, UK (2007) and Kuching, Malaysia (2011). The conference aims at bringing international experts and leaders together to disseminate recent research findings in the fields of steel and aluminium structures. It will also provide a forum for the discussion of the developments in the design and construction of steel and aluminium structures.

Who Should Attend:
The 8th International Conference will take place in Hong Kong, from Wednesday, December 7 to Friday, December 9, 2016. This conference will be of interest to steel and aluminium structure designers and manufacturers, trade associations, design engineers, steel fabricators, architects, owners or developers of steel and aluminium structures, researchers, academics and post-graduate students.