Welcome to the HKU Civil Engineering Department


Since the establishment of The University of Hong Kong and the Faculty of Engineering in 1912, the Department of Civil Engineering has nurtured many brilliant leaders in the civil engineering discipline and made significant contributions to the local and overseas community. The Department is constantly looking ahead to enhancing its goals in education, research and community services in order to keep abreast of the ever-changing demands of modern society.
The Department has switched to a new and innovative 4-year undergraduate curriculum in 2012. Our new curriculum equips students with knowledge beyond traditional civil engineering. For instance, greater emphasis is placed on experiential learning in the form of project-based design, where students participate in engineering projects relevant to their fields of study. Also, options, such as double degree and major/minor, are available. Furthermore, we have introduced new ‘specialisations’ for students which allow them to focus on certain areas for more in-depth studies.
In 2004, the Department established Project Mingde, which aims to help remote impoverished villages in China and Southeast Asia by designing and building education and transportation infrastructures such as schools and bridges, and to encourage civil engineering students to volunteer in these real-life building projects. In addition to our teachers, the Department is very fortunate to have a group of dedicated alumni to provide professional guidance and mentorship to our students. Furthermore, these projects allow students to learn by interacting with different stakeholders, such as project donors, local villagers, government officials, architects, contractors and consultants.

In recent years, Project Mingde has expanded to more locations with projects in Mainland China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Nepal. Also, it has grown beyond engineering education and has ongoing projects with the Faculties of Social Sciences and Architecture. This further enriches the interdisciplinary aspect of our experiential learning activities.

The Department always attracts top students and has a good reputation in both academia and industry. With Hong Kong government’s continual investment in mega-infrastructure projects, there is a great demand for civil engineers. Moreover, construction booms in Mainland China, the Middle East and beyond provide new opportunities for young and enthusiastic civil engineers. The Department of Civil Engineering will continue to devote itself to teaching and research for the betterment of society.