Dr. T.F. May Chui

Associate Professor (Water and Environmental Engineering)
Dr. T.F. May CHUI

BS, Lafayette College, USA
MS, Stanford University, USA
PhD, Stanford University, USA



Office: HW 6-24
Phone: +852 2219 4687
Fax: +852 2559 5337
E-mail: maychui@hku.hk
Homepage: https://www.civil.hku.hk/maychui/


Teaching Activities
  • ENGG1350 Thermofluid Mechanics
  • CIVL3021 Water Resources Engineering
  • CIVL6029 Groundwater Hydrology
  • CIVL6050 Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics
  • CIVL6061/8015 Special Topics in Water and Environmental Engineering


Research Interests
  • Sustainable water resource development and management
  • Numerical modeling of coupled hydrologic and ecologic processes
  • Interactions between surface water and groundwater


Representative Research / Consultancy Projects
  • Hydrological and ecological responses of tidal marshes to environmental changes in semi-enclosed bays
  • Transition to green drainage system via optimal low impact development retrofits
  • Porous pavement hydrological monitoring and experiments
  • Incorporation of hyporheic zone into stream rehabilitation Developing sustainable Hong Kong through low impact development: from science to innovation policy
  • Influence of water and energy exchange between vegetated areas and shallow open water on wetland evapotranspiration


Professional Activities
  • Executive committee of International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research - Asian and Pacific Regional Division (IAHR-APD), 2015-present
  • Treasurer of International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research - Hong Kong Chapter (IAHR-HK), 2018-present
  • Member of Drinking Water Safety Advisory Committee of HK Government, 2020-present
  • Co-opted member of executive committee of International Water Association Regional Committee of Hong Kong, China (IWAHK), 2019-present
  • Editorial board member of Environmental Modeling and Assessment, 2019-present


10 Selected Representative Publications
  • Yang, Y., & Chui, T. F. M. (2018). Integrated hydro-environmental impact assessment and alternative selection of low impact development practices in small urban catchments. Journal of Environmental Management, 223, 324-337.
  • Yang, Y., & Chui, T. F. M. (2018). Optimizing surface and contributing areas of bioretention cells for stormwater runoff quality and quantity management. Journal of Environmental Management, 206, 1090-1103.
  • Chui, T. F. M., & Ngai, W. Y. (2016). Willingness to pay for sustainable drainage systems in a highly urbanised city: a contingent valuation study in Hong Kong. Water and Environment Journal, 30(1-2), 62-69.
  • Chui, T. F. M., Liu, X., & Zhan, W. (2016). Assessing cost-effectiveness of specific LID practice designs in response to large storm events. Journal of Hydrology, 533, 353-364.
  • Palanisamy, B., & Chui, T. F. M. (2015). Rehabilitation of concrete canals in urban catchments using low impact development techniques. Journal of Hydrology, 523, 309-319.
  • Trinh, D. H., & Chui, T. F. M. (2013). Assessing the hydrologic restoration of an urbanized area via integrated distributed hydrological model. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 17(12), 4789-4801.
  • Chui, T. F. M., & Terry, J. P. (2013). Influence of sea-level rise on freshwater lenses of different atoll island sizes and lens resilience to storm-induced salinization. Journal of Hydrology, 502, 18-26.
  • Palanisamy, B., & Chui, T. F. M. (2013). Understanding wetland plant dynamics in response to water table changes through ecohydrological modeling. Ecohydrology, 6(2), 287-296.
  • Chui, T. F. M., & Terry, J. P. (2012). Modeling freshwater lens damage and recovery on atolls after storm-wave washover. Ground Water, 50(3), 412-420.
  • Chui, T. F. M., Low, S. Y., & Liong, S. Y. (2011). An ecohydrological model for studying groundwater-vegetation interactions in wetlands. Journal of Hydrology, 409(1-2), 291-304.


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