Dr. M.F. Guan

Assistant Professor (Water and Environmental Engineering)
Dr. M.F. Guan

BEng, Dalian University of Technology, China
PhD, University of Leeds, UK



Office: HW 6-10
Phone: +852 2859 1965
Fax: +852 2559 5337
E-mail: mfguan@hku.hk


Teaching Activities
  • CIVL 1105 Environmental Engineering
  • CIVL 2103 Fluid Mechanics
  • CIVL 2104 Hydraulics and Hydrology


Research Interests
  • Hydro-system modelling
  • Urban hydrology
  • Sustainable urban water system
  • Flood modelling
  • Computational hydraulics
  • River and coastal hydraulics
  • Sediment dynamics


Representative Research / Consultancy Projects
  • Spatial upscaling effects of Blue-Green Infrastructures on urban stormwater runoff. General Research Fund (RGC), PI, HK$873,995, 2021-2023.
  • Physical and Numerical Modelling of Water Film Layer on Runway. Sub-consultancy project with Ove Arup Ltd, PI, HK$1,587,900, 2020-2021.
  • Evaluating multi-scale performance of attenuation ponds on stormwater runoff management in subtropical climate. Environment and Conservation Fund Project ref: 108/2019, PI, HK$470,000,2020.07-2022.06.
  • Smart approach to the prediction and management of coastal flooding in highly urbanised area, Early Career Scheme (RGC), PI, HK$408,115, 2020-2022.
  • Novel dynamic models for natural-dam failure floods and their mechanisms, NSFC grant, PI, HK$339120, 2020-2022.
  • Urban Resilience to Intense Rainfall and Surface Water Flooding, UK EPSRC Fellowship grant, PI, £331,632, termination.


Professional Activities
  • Scientific Editor of Journal of Mountain Science
  • Guest Editor for a special issue in Frontier in Earth Sciences
  • Invited grant reviewer for UK Natural Environment Research Council grant, UK Economics and Social Research Council grant, European Research Council synergy grant
  • Member of International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research
  • Member of College of UK EPSRC Associate Peer Reviewer
  • Invited reviewer for over 20 international SCI journals
  • Session Convenor of 2017 AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans, USA
  • Convenor of 2nd Rain, Rivers and Reservoirs at Edinburgh in September 2016


10 Selected Representative Publications
  • Qingyuan Yang, Mingfu Guan*, Yong Peng, Huayong Chen. Numerical investigation of flash flood dynamics due to cascading failures of natural landslide dams, Engineering Geology, 276, 105765.
  • Ahilan, S., Guan M.*, Wright, N., Sleigh, A., Allen, D., Arthur, S., Haynes, H. and Krivtsov, V., 2019. Modelling the long-term suspended sedimentological effects on stormwater pond performance in an urban catchment. Journal of Hydrology, 571, 805-818.
  • Guan M.*, S. Ahilan, D. Yu, Y. Peng, N. Wright, (2018). Numerical modelling of hydro-morphological processes dominant by fine suspended sediment: a case study in a stormwater pond, Journal of Hydrology, 556, 87-99.
  • Guan M.*, Liang, (2017). A two-dimensional hydro-morphological model for river hydraulics and morphology with vegetation. Environmental Modelling and Software, 88, 10-21.
  • Guan M.*, N.G. Wright, P.A. Sleigh., S. Ahilan, R. Lamb, (2016). Physical complexity to model morphological changes at a natural channel bend. Water Resources Research, 52, 6348-6364.
  • Guan M.*, J.H.L. Carrivick, N.G. Wright, P.A. Sleigh, K. Staines, (2016). Quantifying the combined effects of multiple extreme floods on river channel geometry and on flood hazards. Journal of Hydrology, 538, 256-268.
  • Guan M.*, N. Sillanpää, H. Koivusalo, (2016). Storm runoff response to rainfall pattern, magnitude and urbanization in a developing urban catchment. Hydrological Processes, 30, 543–557.
  • Guan M.*, N.G. Wright, P.A. Sleigh., J.H.L. Carrivick, (2015). Assessment of hydro-morphodynamic modelling and geomorphological impacts of a sediment-charged jökulhlaup, at Sólheimajökull, Iceland. Journal of Hydrology, 530, 336-349.
  • Guan M.*, N. Sillanpää, H. Koivusalo, (2015). Modelling and assessment of hydrological changes in a developing urban catchment. Hydrological Processes, 29, 2880-2894.
  • Guan M.*, N.G. Wright, P.A. Sleigh, (2015). Multimode morphodynamic model system for sediment-laden flows and geomorphic impacts. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering-ASCE, 141(6).