Dr. Li Xiao

Assistant Professor (Infrastructure Project Management)
Dr. X. Li

BEng, Chongqing University, China
MEng, Chongqing University, China
Ph.D., The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China


Aff.M.ASCE, National Registered Construction Engineer (Class 1)


Office: HW 6-07             
Phone: +852 2859 2673             
Fax: +852 2559 5337
E-mail: shell.x.li@hku.hk


Teaching Activities
  • CIVL6015 Construction Financial Management


Research Interests
  • Construction industrialization & informatics
  • Smart work packaging methodology
  • Advanced AI & robotics in industrialized construction
  • Advanced construction project management


Representative Research / Consultancy Projects
  • PI, General Research Fund, HK Research Grant Council
    • Inspection work package on chain: dynamic planning and accountable collaboration, HKD 786,000, 36 months, No.15219422 (01/2023-12/2025)
  • PI, Young Scientists Fund, National Natural Science Foundation of China
    • Work package dynamic optimization and intelligent collaboration in industrialized construction, RMB 300,000, 36 months, No.72201228 (01/2023-12/2025)
  • PI: HK/ Germany Joint Research Scheme, HK Research Grant Council
    • Mass customization methodology for high-rise modular buildings: adaptive platform, interactive configurator, and decentralized process, HKD 85,800, G-PolyU502/22 (01/2023-12/2024)


Professional Activities
  • Professional experience in HK (HKU&PolyU), Shenzhen (Qianhai), and Overseas (UK Cambridge & Australia Curtin)
  • Professional membership in The International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB), The Chinese Research Institute of Construction Management (CRIOCM), The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and Fellow in The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF)
  • Professional services in outstanding reviewer (Automation in Construction), the leadership (President of CIB student chapter & CIOB student center), organizing committee, and guest editor of Engineering, Construction, Architectural, and Management, Special issue: Advances in digital engineering, computing, and simulation for the AEC industry. 2019-2020
  • Professional awards in outstanding/best papers of CRIOCM, ASCE, CIB, CIOB (HK), and research awards from SYLFF.
  • Professional prize in the International 2nd Prize of CIC Innovation Award 2022 for the project: “MiC adaptive production robotics system (MARPROS)”.


Representative Publications
  • Li, X*., Lu, W.S., Xue, F., Wu, L., Zhao, R., Lou, J.F., and Xu, J.Y.(2022). Blockchain-enabled IoT-BIM platform for supply chain management in modular construction, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 148(2), 04021195.
  • Li, X., Wu, C.*, Xue, F., Yang, Z., Lou, J., & Lu, W.(2022) Ontology-based mapping approach for automatic work packaging in modular construction, Automation in Construction, 134, 104083
  • Li, X., Zeng, J., Chen, C.*, Chi, H. L., & Shen, G. Q. (2022). Smart work package learning for decentralized fatigue monitoring through facial images. Computer‐Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. 1–19.
  • Li, X., Wu, C.*, Yang, Z., Guo, Y., & Jiang, R. (2022). Knowledge graph-enabled adaptive work packaging approach in modular construction. Knowledge-Based Systems, 110115.
  • Li, X., Wu, L., Zhao, R., Xue, F*., Lu, W.S. Two-layer blockchain-based supervision model for off-site modular housing production (2021), Computers in Industry, 128, 103437.
  • Li, X., Chi, H. L., Lu, W., Xue, F., Zeng, J*., & Li, C. Z. (2021). Federated transfer learning-enabled smart work packaging for preserving personal image information of construction workers. Automation in Construction, 128, 103738.
  • Li, X., Chi, H. L*., Wu, P, & Shen, G.Q.,(2020). Smart work packaging-enabled constraint-free crane path re-planning for the on-site assembly process of prefabrication housing production. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 43, 101008.
  • Li, X., Shen, G. Q., Wu, P*., Xue, F., Chi, H. L., & Li, C. Z. (2019). Developing a conceptual framework of smart work packaging for constraints management in prefabrication housing production. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 42, 100938.
  • Li, X., Wu, C*., Wu, P, Xiang, L, Shen, G.Q., Vick, S, & Li, CZ. (2019). Smart work packaging-enabled constraints modeling for the on-site assembly process of prefabrication housing production, Journal of Cleaner Production, 239, 117991.
  • Li, X., Shen, G. Q., Wu, P*., Fan, H., Wu, H., & Teng, Y. (2017). RBL-PHP: Simulation of Lean Construction and information technologies for prefabrication housing production. Journal of Management in Engineering, 34(2), 04017053.