Dr. Hailong YE

Assistant Professor (Structural Engineering)
Dr. Hailong YE

BEng, Southwest Jiao Tong University, China
MSc, Zhejiang University, China
PhD, The Pennsylvania State University, USA


Registered Structural Engineer (PRC)


Office: HW 6-20
Phone: +852 3917 8132
Fax: +852 2559 5337
E-mail: hlye@hku.hk
Homepage: https://hailongye.weebly.com/


Teaching Activities
  • ENGG1300 Fundamental Mechanics
  • ENGG1320 Engineers in The Modern World
  • CIVL1113 Engineering Mechanics and Materials
  • CIVL2112 Structural Analysis
  • CIVL3118 Theory and Design of Structures III
  • CIVL4101 Capstone Design Project
  • CIVL4102 Final Year Project


Research Interests
  • Application of innovative materials for improving structural performance
  • Geopolymer and alkali-activated concrete
  • Multifunctional and smart cement and concrete composites
  • Corrosion control of steel in reinforced concrete structures


Representative Research / Consultancy Projects
  • Sustainable Smart and Functional Concrete for Steel Corrosion Control in Concrete Infrastructure (Sponsor: Research Grants Council of Hong Kong)
  • Functionalized Geopolymer Concrete for Improved Sustainability and Durability in Concrete Infrastructure against Microbial Corrosion (Sponsor: Research Grants Council of Hong Kong)
  • Innovative Fire-Spalling-Proof Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) (Sponsor: Innovation and Technology Commission)


Professional Activities
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (Structural Engineering), P.R. China Editorial and Advisory Board Member, Heliyon, Elsevier
  • Member, The International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM)
  • Technical Committee Member, MPA: Mechanical properties of alkali-activated concrete, RILEM
  • Technical Committee Member, Code of Practice for Structural Use of Glass, Building Department of Hong Kong SAR Government
  • Voting Committee Member, American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committee 123 Research and Current Developments'
  • Member, The American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
  • Member, American Concrete Institute (ACI)


10 Selected Representative Publications
  • Ye, H.*, Fu, C. & Yang, G. (2020). Alkali-activated slag substituted by metakaolin and dolomite at 20 and 50 °C. Cement and Concrete Composites, 105, 103442.
  • Ye, H.*, Chen, Z. & Huang, L. (2019). Mechanism of sulfate attack on alkali-activated slag: The role of activator composition. Cement and Concrete Research., 125, 105868
  • Ye, H.*, Huang, L. & Chen, Z. (2019). Influence of activator composition on the chloride binding capacity of alkali-activated slag. Cement and Concrete Composites, 104, 103368.
  • Ye, H.*, Fu, C. & Yang, G. (2019). Influence of dolomite on the properties and microstructure of alkali-activated slag with and without pulverized fly ash. Cement and Concrete Composites, 103, 224-232.
  • Ye, H.* & Chen, Z. (2019). Influence of nitrate corrosion inhibitors on the phase stability of alkali-activated slag against chloride binding and natural carbonation. ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 31 (8), 04019160.
  • Ye, H.* & Radlińska, A. (2017). Shrinkage mitigation strategies in alkali-activated slag. Cement and Concrete Research, 101, 131-143. Cement and Concrete Research, 101, 131-143.
  • Ye, H.*, Cartwright, C., Rajabipour, F., & Radlińska, A. (2017). Understanding the drying shrinkage performance of alkali-activated slag mortars. Cement and Concrete Composites, 76, 13-24.
  • Ye, H.*, Radlińska, A. & Neves, J. (2017). Drying and carbonation shrinkage of cement paste containing alkalis. Materials and Structures, 50(2), 132.
  • Fu, C., Jin, N., Ye, H.*, Jin, X. & Dai, W. (2017). Corrosion characteristics of 4-year naturally corroded reinforced concrete beams. Corrosion Science, 117, 11-23.
  • Ye, H.* & Radlińska, A. (2016). Shrinkage mechanisms of alkali-activated slag. Cement and Concrete Research, 88,126-135.


For more information of Dr. H. YE, please visit https://hailongye.weebly.com/.