Professor W.Y. Szeto

Professor (Transportation Engineering)
Professor W.Y. Szeto

BEng, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
MPhil, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
PhD, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology




Office: HW 6-22
Phone: +852 2857 8552
Fax: +852 2559 5337


Teaching Activities
  • CIVL2111 Transportation Engineering
  • CIVL3119 Traffic Engineering
  • CIVL4101 Capstone Design Project
  • CIVL4102 Project
  • CIVL6054/GEOG7006 Engineering for Transport Systems
  • CIVL7006 Optimization Techniques for Transportation Applications
  • CIVL8012 Optimization Techniques for Engineering Applications
  • CIVL7009 Dissertation
  • GEOG7011 Research Methods in Transport Studies
  • GEOG7012 Transport Field Trip


Research Interests
    Sustainable and smart transportation, which involves developing novel theories, modeling frameworks, and solution methods for practical transportation network or intelligent transport system applications
  • Dynamic traffic assignment
  • Environmentally sustainable network design
  • Public transport, taxi, and bicycles
  • Shared mobility
  • Transport logistics
  • Transport network reliability and resilience
  • Transport network pricing and optimization


Representative Research / Consultancy Projects
  • A cell-based multi-class dynamic traffic assignment model which considers taxi cruising, General Research Fund, RGC, project code: HKU 716913E, HK$500,000, Principal investigator, Jan 2014–Dec 2016.
  • A simultaneous route and departure time choice problem formulation that encapsulates a probabilistic cell transmission model (PCTM), General Research Fund, RGC, project code: HKU 17207214E, HK$875,000, Principal investigator, Dec 2014–Nov 2017.
  • Road management and road safety audit training 2015, The Hong Kong Police Force, HK$401,600, Project Coordinator, 13–18 Mar 2015.
  • Public transport policy measures to improve the mobility of the elderly in Hong Kong, Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, Central Policy Unit, project code: 2014.A8.025.15B, HK$ 526,700, Principal investigator, Sep 2015–Sep 2016.
  • A methodology to determine the dynamic system optimum and sustainable congestion and emission tolls based on a generalized multiclass link transmission model, General Research Fund, RGC, project code: HKU 17201915, HK$ 695,788, Principal investigator, Dec 2015–Nov 2018.
  • Development of a doubly dynamic traffic assignment model to determine road tolls, public-transit frequency, and fares, General Research Fund, RGC, project code: HKU 17218916, HK$ 482,605, Principal investigator, Jan 2017–Dec 2019.
  • A dynamic traffic equilibrium model for a network with ridesharing and autonomous taxis, General Research Fund, RGC, project code: HKU 17201217, HK$ 569,500, Principal investigator, Dec 2017–Nov 2020.
  • Dynamic bi-level public bike network design with uncertainties, National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), project code: 71771194, HK$ 602,880 (¥490,000), Principal investigator, Jan 2018–Dec 2021.
  • Dynamic modeling and management of taxi markets with multiple e-hailing services and taxi classes, General Research Fund, RGC, project code: 17200618, HK$ 632,421, Principal investigator, Jan 2019–Dec 2021.
  • Development of dynamic equilibrium models for managing multimodal transportation systems with bike-and-ride, General Research Fund, RGC, project code: 17200119, HK$ 748,300, Principal investigator, Jan 2020–Dec 2022.


Representative Professional Activities
  • Editor, Open Engineering (the former Central European Journal of Engineering), Springer, 2011–present.
  • Editor in Asian Region, International Journal of Transportation, NADIA, 2012–present.
  • Area Editor (Sustainability), Networks and Spatial Economics, Springer, 2015–present.
  • Editor, Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics (spilt from Transpormetrica), Taylor & Francis, 2016–present.
  • Associate Editor, Transportmetrica A: Transport Science (formerly known as Transpormetrica), Taylor & Francis, 2012–present.
  • Associate Editor, Travel Behaviour and Society, Elsevier, 2013–present.
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Technology, Planning, and Operations, Springer, 2014–present.
  • Associate Editor, Transportation Research Part D, Transport and Environment, Elsevier, 2019–present.
  • Associate Editor, Transportation Research Part E, Logistics and Transportation Review, Elsevier, 2020–present.
  • Editorial Board, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Taylor & Francis, 2012–present.
  • Editorial Board, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Elsevier, 2014–2018.
  • Editorial Board, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Elsevier, 2014–present.


10 Selected Representative Publications
  • Guo, R.Y., Szeto, W.Y., and Long, J.C. (2020) Trial-and-error operation schemes for bimodal transport systems. Transportation Research Part B, 131, 106-123.
  • Sun, S.J. and Szeto, W.Y. (2019) Optimal sectional fare and frequency settings for transit networks with elastic demand. Transportation Research Part B, 127, 147-177.
  • Long, J.C. and Szeto, W.Y. (2019) Link-based system optimum dynamic traffic assignment problems in general networks. Operations Research, 67, 167-182.
  • Szeto, W.Y. and Shui, C.S. (2018) Exact loading and unloading strategies for the static multi-vehicle bike repositioning problem. Transportation Research Part B, 109, 176–211.
  • Long, J.C., Szeto, W.Y., Gao, Z.Y., Huang, H.J., and Shi, Q. (2016) The nonlinear equation system approach to solving dynamic user optimal simultaneous route and departure time choice problems. Transportation Research Part B, 83, 179-206.
  • Han, K., Szeto, W.Y., and Friesz, T.L. (2015) Formulation, existence, and computation of simultaneous route-and-departure choice bounded rationality dynamic user equilibrium with fixed or endogenous user tolerance. Transportation Research Part B, 79, 16-49.
  • Long, J.C., Szeto, W.Y., Huang, H.J., and Gao, Z.Y. (2015) An intersection-movement-based stochastic dynamic user optimal route choice model for assessing network performance. Transportation Research Part B, 74, 182-217.
  • Szeto, W.Y. and Jiang, Y. (2014) Transit route and frequency design: Bi-level modeling and hybrid artificial bee colony algorithm approach. Transportation Research Part B, 67, 235-263.
  • Hamdouch, Y., Szeto, W.Y., and Jiang, Y. (2014) A new schedule-based transit assignment model with travel strategies and supply uncertainties. Transportation Research Part B, 67, 35-67.
  • Szeto, W.Y. and Jiang, Y. (2014) Transit assignment: Approach-based formulation, extragradient method, and paradox. Transportation Research Part B, 62, 51-76.


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